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'The Many Names Of Sugar'

to see 275 names used to hide sugar within food ingredient labels.


Healing Your Gut










Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food




Online Cookery Club

52 Video Tutorials

✅  Teaching you a host of meal and snacks that will benefit your gut health, boost your immune system and effortlessly transform you into a home chef

✅  52 video tutorials for easy-to-make meals and snacks (many of which are template ideas you can adjust to suit your own taste) that will boost your gut health without having to use fancy or expensive equipment.


Recipes that require zero calorie counting, and mostly no weighing.


Learn how to choose food that will boost your own - and your family’s - immune system; ward off colds and other winter ills, improve your mood, your energy levels, general well-being; also reduce symptoms and potentially prevent the onset of many common conditions.   


Benefit of Joining 

Crazumptious Cooking


💚 Enjoy the inside scoop to many of my everyday food prep shortcuts.

💚 Hang out with with other students in the Facebook Group.


💚 Have the opportunity to ask me all your foodie questions! 

At the moment there are 20 video tutorials and a host of picture posts/recipes; plenty of content to get you started. The rest will follow during the coming months.

Bonus !!


This year (2024) I'm live-streaming a FREE Masterclass every month.


JOIN NOW to be sure to have lifelong access to ALL the Masterclasses.


+ The Source of Your Food

+ Why Healing Your Gut Could Save Your Life

+ Food on The Go

+ Fermented Foods - Not All Are Equal

+ Fasting - An Overview of Various Fasting Protocols

+ Sugar Is Not Your Friend

+ How To Vary Your Weekly Diet With Ease

+ How to Eat for Gut Health on Festive Occasions and Still Have Fun 


Take Away


💚 Join the FB group - and enjoy lifetime access to the video series - for the one-off fee of just £99.

Client Feedback


I joined Sarah’s cookery club about a year ago and have enjoyed every minute of her livestreams!

Sarah puts show-time, joy, existentialism and gut friendly food in a big bowl and presents dishes that are new and easy to make. 

I highly recommend her cooking ideas for people who find it hard to start eating for longevity and well-being for the soul.

Caroline, Sweden



Helping you to balance your gut health, boost your immune system, supercharge your energy, improve your mental health and regulate your weight with simple diet changes.



Your Gut 


I'd like to show you how you can

turn your health, and life, around.


Symptoms of a Poor Functioning Immune System ('Gut Dysbiosis') 

Did you know that even common cold is a sign of reduced immunity, although poor gut health can promote the onset of:

  •  Acid Reflux

  •  Arthritis

  •  Asthma

  •  Autoimmune Disease (such as Diabetes, Chrohn’s Disease, Coeliac, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid Disease, Ulcerative Colitis etc)

  •  Bloating

  •  Cancer

  •  Candida

  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  •  Colitis

  •  Constipation

  •  Depression

  •  Diarrhea

  •  Digestive Issues

  •  Diverticulitis

  •  Food Sensitivities, Allergies and Cravings

  •  GERD

  •  Haemmorrhoids

  •  Insomnia

  •  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  •  Leaky Gut

  •  Osteoporosis

  •  Skin Conditions

  •  Sinisitis

  •  Weight Gain/Obesity

and many more common, and also serious, conditions.

This eating plan is a lifestyle change that initially works on healing the gut.

Once you feel well enough you can live by the maintenance plan and use it as an 80/20 guide (take time off if it works for you), or stay closer to the plan if you choose.

Work With Me


Scan down this page for my products and services.

To enquire about working with me 1-2-1, email me at: 

[email protected] 

Diet Check


Are you looking to change your eating habits?


Would you like to easily reach your ideal weight and maintain it long-term?


✅  Are you lacking spare time?


Benefits of a Diet Check


💚 This Diet Check will be advice tailored to your own food preferences and lifestyle, to help you boost your immunity, energy and concentration on a day-to-day basis and also easily achieve your ideal weight, if required.


💚 You'll leave with enough practical knowledge to immediately take the first steps to improve your general wellbeing.


Take Away


💚 Bullet point notes taken during the meeting as your 'Go To' guide.


Client Feedback


Wow. It's hard to believe just how much your diet check changed my day-to-day eating habits and energy levels. I already feel 100% better after just the first week. Thank you so much!

Suzie Langham



Gut Healing Consultation


Are you looking to change your eating habits?


Would you like to easily reach your ideal weight and maintain it long-term?


Are you lacking spare time?

Sit back and relax as we walk though your current eating plan and make changes that will help to increase your energy and shift your health towards a higher level.


Benefits of a Gut Healing Consultation


Advice tailored to your own food preferences and lifestyle, to help:


💚 Boost your natural immunity


💚 Increase your energy levels


💚 Improve your concentration levels 


💚 Effortlessly achieve your ideal weight, if required


You'll leave with enough practical knowledge to immediately take the first steps to improve your general wellbeing.


Take Away


💚 A copy of the 'Healing Plan.'


💚 A copy of your consultation notes to use as a 'Go To' guide. 


💚 Follow up support after Week 1, where all your questions are answered.



Client Feedback


I just had the most incredible consultation with Sarah Jackson helping me with all I need for good gut health, and then some! I learnt loads! I feel uplifted.

I have a plan to get started and am ready to begin eating in a way that will help me thrive - and shed some weight too - which is what I wanted. 

I can’t wait for my next session with her as I will be diving deeper with this journey to keep myself strong and healthy.

Hazel Lewellyn

Book a Free introductory call by dropping me a line here:


[email protected]


4 Week Gut Healing Lifestyle Programme

A personally tailored consultation designed to heal your gut and transform your life.

This flexible eating plan was created, researched and developed over 3 decades by Dr Harald Gaier, now retired. Dr Gaier and I are currently writing a book based on the programme.

The basic notes you provide me before hand (on a simple registration form) will be a guide from which we will create exciting changes to transform your gut heal and general well-being. 


During Your Consultation


We will discuss your lifestyle and eating habits in depth

✅ Together we will adjust and improve your current eating habits, ensuring your new - completely flexible - plan perfectly compliments your day-to-day lifestyle and includes as many of the types of meals and snacks you love as possible.


✅ We will discuss your lifestyle and eating habits in depth.


✅ You will receive a copy of the healing plan.


✅ Together, we will 


✅ All your food questions will be addressed


✅ I’ll create a comprehensive, bespoke ‘Go To’ guide for you to refer to in future. 



After Your Consultation you will receive


✅ Your ‘Go To’ guide by email.


✅ A comprehensive collection of supporting documents that will help you as you move forward.


✅ Follow up support on WhatsApp and by phone.




Benefits of Working with me 1-2-1


💚Clearing blocks that may be slowing or preventing your progress


💗Easy Weight Loss (if required)


💚No Calorie Counting


💗 Simple, Quick Meal & Snack Ideas


💚More Energy


💗 Less Stress


💚Renewed Motivation


💗A Refreshed Mindset


💚A Body Reset


Take Aways


💚 Recipes from my private, unpublished collection.

💚 4 Weeks of Support to Help You Achieve Your Well-Being Goals (with an option to continue with ongoing monthly support) 


Client Feedback


“I’m a very busy surgeon with a young family. 


Until August 2020 I was eating a very bad diet and booked a consultation with Sarah for advice on how to move forward.

It’s honestly the best money I’ve ever spent!!!

I’ve lived with Chrohn’s for almost 30 years and have had a lot of surgery taken many meds during that time.


My symptoms improved almost 50% in the first 2-3 days; an incredible result!

Almost 2 weeks into the plan I was managing to stick to it 99% as I adjusted to new buying and food prep habits. 

Within 3 weeks of working with Sarah all Crohn’s symptoms were in remission for the first time in my adult life.

Also notable is that my craving for sugar, junk food and comfort eating vanished very quickly, with a total weight loss achieved of an impressive 2 1/2 stone in just 6 weeks without weighing food, calorie counting or dieting, and the guidelines were very simple!

I'm so grateful to be enjoying good health again. Thank you for giving me my life back Sarah. I wish I’d known about this way of eating 30 years ago.”

Kamil, NHS Plastic Surgeon


 I’ve suffered from IBS for many years and finally, at the end of 2021, I decided I had to search for someone who would listen to me and help me once and for all. 


My consultation with Sarah was amazing. She was compassionate, enthusiastic, inspirational and truly listened to me. It was such a relief. 


Her enthusiasm for the plan and excitement about food was so inspiring. I’ve been trying out the many ideas she gave me and felt the benefits very quickly.


Teresa M, Chiropractor


To book a FREE introductory call, 
email me at:



[email protected]


Work With Me In Your Own Home

 (Price on Application)


💗  Work with me in your own home to cleanse your kitchen cupboard, fridge & freezer stock. Together we still sweep through everything in these areas of your home and I will group them into the categories below:

  • Gut Healing

  • Gut Maintenance

  • Now & Again


💗  Also enjoy a comprehensive 1-2-1 Food Consultation and take a major step onto the path to better gut health and general well-being. 

💗  This is a fully bespoke programme which can be tailored for just you, or you and your family.


To ask more about this bespoke service, please drop me a line at:


[email protected]



Life Balance

Daily reflections, gently guiding you to a place of inner calm

This 28 day audio series is designed to encourage you to ‘be present and aware’ of your thoughts, feelings, reactions and responses to all that happens you in your daily life .. and to engage in practices that will enrich your world.

Imagine the sense of achievement you’ll feel when you embrace personal growth, life feels more manageable and your mind is open to endless possibilities.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of change, tap into these bite-sized daily nuggets and witness the transformational power that starts within.


As a psychotherapist, I found this audio series empowering.

Sarah has a calm, relaxing voice that instills a sense of peace, security and nurture.

Each mini bite of inspiration contains life enhancing insights; profound learnings based on Sarah’s intuitive wisdom.

This is a thought provoking and useful tool. A great guide for a daily routine of gentle self discovery.


Dominique Shipstone

Public Speaking


Sarah Jackson has been researching and advising in the field of nutrition and gut health for the past 18 years. She has been a presenter for various corporate video training programmes and has presented at large conferences, chaired Q&A’s and made corporate TV programmes as a presenter.


The ‘gut’ now widely known and accepted as ‘the second brain,’ has seen immune health become one of the most popular, simplest and effective ways to improve general health and wellbeing.


In 2015 Sarah studied alongside eminent physician and medical researcher Dr Harald Gaier who specialised in 5 disciplines of complementary medicine and spent 3 decades in the field of naturopathy conducting ground breaking research & development on an eating plan that heals the gut, boosts immune health and helps to prevent and reverse a host of the most common conditions and chronic diseases. ‘Even a common cold means that gut health is off balance.’


With this remarkable body of research to hand, Sarah is now co-writing a book with Dr Gaier.


With her extensive knowledge of food and nutrition, and skills as a home chef and recipe creator, Sarah has an online video tutorial cookery school, works with private clients and takes her signature talk:  “Why Healing Your Gut Could Save Your Life” to local businesses, community events and global corporates.


Her lifestyle advice has seen 1000’s of people improve their well-being with a simple change of diet. Sarah’s passion for this subject, along with her relaxed and engaging speaking style, have seen her emerge as a popular speaker in the field.


Past clients include:


ArcelorMittal, Innate Wellness Chiropractic Clinic, Chewton Glen Business Retreat, Southbourne Community Assembly, Transitions Optical, Allen & Overy, American Express Community Stadium, British Sugar, Continental Tyre Group, Davis Langdon, Enfield Council, Environment Agency, Evening Standard, Instrumental Media, ISS Pegasus Security, Northgage Arinso, Royal Kingston, Superdrug.

Speaking Topics:


✅ How A Healthy Gut Can Change Your Life


✅ Health & Safety, The Source of Your Food & Food On the Go


How to Book Sarah


Book Sarah Jackson for her signature talk on gut health:

'How A Healthy Gut Can Change Your Life'


This talk can be tailored for anything from 20 minutes - 1 hour, or a longer talk with Q&A.
(note: To get the best from the talk, a minimum of 1 hour is recommended)


If you're looking for a half day event, a deeper dive into more specific topics can also be included.




Further to Sarah’s training on nutrition, at our last Health and Safety Day, I have realized the importance of blending the emotional, spiritual transformation with the physical and mental one.


 I have learnt that gut health is vital in having a healthy life.


Therefore, I’m eating more salads, more fruits and vegetables, and I’ve shrunk my portions, as well.


Since I have heard Sarah talk at our company event, I’ve been paying more attention to what I buy, what I eat, when I eat and how happy and productive I am afterwards.


 Moreover, I have also started to apply the intermittent fasting, since I’ve heard Sarah talk about the endless benefits on the human body.


Hence, I’ve lost about 6 kgs in the last 3 months.


I am also going to the gym (doing Zumba). 


The combination of gym-healthier eating habits-more free time for my hobbies has led to a significant improvement of my entire life.


Thank you, Sarah, for all your valuable pieces of advice and your positive, transformational energy.


Kind regards,

Laura Cioarec, Chartering Administrator

ArcelorMittal Shipping


To book Sarah please email:

[email protected]


During the time Sarah visited Innate Wellness as a client, I learned a lot about nutrition.


I've taken quite a few courses in nutrition although felt I needed to gain more knowledge after speaking with Sarah. She knows what she's talking about.


I've been recommending Sarah to my clients and invited her to be a guest speaker for our Wellness chiropractic membership clients to talk about nutrition and how to improve their health naturally, without the use of medications.


Filippo Gernetti, Chiropractor 

Innate Wellness Ltd, Bournemouth


To book Sarah please email:

[email protected]